June, 2003

Mark C. Hendricks
61 Lacam Circle
Sacramento, CA 95820
Phone: (916) 737-7441



On-Line and Real Time Systems; Hardware Drivers.Software & Utilities Development; Installation Programs. Micro (DOS & Windows), Main Frame, and Communications experience.

In Depth Programming and Analysis.

Basic Web Page Design.


Position as a Contract Programmer, Consultant or Systems Programmer. Full- or Part-Time.


I enjoy working on the "special" projects such as optimization, debugging, documentation, analysis, installation, etc. I can work at home part of the time and am set up to do that. I have a side business producing video, and therefore can accept full- or part-time work. I am highly productive and learn new systems quickly.


B.S. Physics, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA
Ph.D. Elec. Engr., Univ. of Denver, Denver, CO


Windows API in C, DOS Assembler & C, InstallShield; Wrote communication and graphics software. Some MacIntosh.


IBM S/370 (30xx, 43xx) OS/MVS JES; BTAM; POWER/VS; CICS/VS; DOS & OS JCL; TSO-SPF; Assembler, COBOL.



8/98 present

Hendricks Video - my own business

I started up this business to do video production (photography, graphics and editing) commercially, and to produce low-budget features and shorts. I have my own professional editing system and work with two partners on projects. I can also produce educational, training or sales videos for your company.

1/01 4/01

Contract Programmer
Streaming21, Los Gatos, CA

Consolidated and updated installations for the company's six major products. Analyzed module interdependencies and requirements. Worked with QA to streamline the installation process for the user. Helped develop automated build processes.

1/00 7/00

Contract Programmer
Molecular Dynamics, Sunnyvale, CA

Responsible for Installation and special builds of the company's major software products. Handled issues relating to shared components and independent releases. Wrote special utilities to track and modify installation components under InstallShield 6. Interfaced with heads of several departments with different projects, as well as testing/QA. Developed serial number control for installing multiple products from the same CD while automatically updating related components of previously installed/licensed applications.

2/95 5/99

Contract Programmer
Visioneer, Inc., Palo Alto, CA

Was responsible for the Installation (Setup) program for the company's PaperPort (scanner) Software on Windows 9x and NT platforms, automation of the build process, and support for multiple languages. Wrote various Windows utilities, Uninstall program, Update installer, and C-language subroutines.

3/92 - 6/94

Contract Programmer
Communication Intelligence Corp.,
Redwood Shores, CA.

Part of team developing PenDOS Versions 1 and 2. Wrote hardware drivers for Pen digitizer systems, plus driver developer's kit. Was responsible for Japanese (NEC) version of software. Represented company on 2 trips to Tokyo. General consulting, bug fixing & driver development. Worked on Windows software package for "Handrwriter" digitizer tablet system. Wrote Windows utility to convert user's system between Windows & Pen Windows. Created VGS graphics subroutine package for program development.

3/90 - 3/92

Senior Programmer/Analyst,
WordStar Intl. Novato, CA.

The renamed MicroPro offered me a full time position to complete development of the WYSIWYG "Page Preview" system for WordStar, extending the system to Super-VGA displays, improving speed and memory usage, and adding mouse capability for Release 7.0 of WordStar. Supported font database and did scalable font development.

3/87 - 3/90

Contract Programmer
MicroPro International. Corp.,
San Rafael, CA

Program development and troubleshooting for WordStar 2000 Release 3.0 and Wordstar Professional Release 5.0. Programmed in Assembly language and "C" for IBM PC MS-DOS systems. Did advanced debugging and graphics programming for Page Preview and wrote new Printer Database software and conversion programs. Also did performance analysis and code optimization.

6/85 - 7/86

Contract Programmer
Triplex Direct Marketing Corp.,
Novato, CA

Functioned as System Administrator and Software Manager. Converted DOS/MVT system to DOS/VSE. System generation, DASD migration, data conversion, and move to new physical site. Hardware planning and installation. Installed and maintained vendor software. Wrote system Software, procedures, and job exit programs. Debugged system problems. Instructed programmers. Interfaced with IBM Maintenance people. Re-created lost source code.

6/84 - 12/84

Contract Programmer
Bank Card Systems Authorization and Inquiry
BANK of AMERICA, San Francisco, CA

Maintenance, changes and support for On-line Visa/MasterCard Authorization system, terminals. Work was all in assembler language. Developed a "2260 Simulator" to allow testing the online system under TSO. Wrote Data Compression and Dynamic Allocation routines, etc., for online statement retrieval.

1/85 - 5/85
2/84 - 5/84

Contractor (part-time)
LAW OFFICES of F.R. MARKS, San Francisco, CA

Installed and maintained a system of several Apple IIe computers. Purchased and installed software. Wrote customized telecommunications software for the law office. Wrote special programs to transfer data among different systems. Conducted classes on the use of computer hardware and software.

4/81 - 1/84

Contract Programmer
Item Processing, WELLS FARGO BANK, San Francisco, CA

Performed system analysis of existing Proof of Deposit (POD) Check Capture System. Compiled documentation and training material; located and corrected major errors; cleaned-up and re-installed the system, which ran cleanly for years after I left. I installed time-dependent multi-tasking functions into this system.

Also wrote statistics gathering and editing module for Float Analysis / Data Distributor system. Wrote and installed front-end "Input Spool" tape handling module to read tapes of different densities, block sizes, and label formats without JCL changes.

3/79 - 3/81

Senior Systems Programmer
Item Processing, BANK of AMERICA, San Francisco, CA

Analysis of MVS control blocks, storage use, active tasks, etc. Initial design and requirements of the Regional Archive Retrieval System.

Very skilled at producing quick conversion/editing programs in Assembler, and on-line testing of assembler programs. Overall design and complete coding of Float Summary Record system including user instruction & documentation.

11/73 - 2/79

Manager of Software and Standards

Design of CICS TP System, CICS/VS Sysgen, maintenance, tuning, documentation, and hardware configuration. Supervised conversion of application programs. Modified CICS control programs where necessary.

Responsible for system security, system generation and production library control. SYSGEN'd 3 releases of DOS/VS. Wrote operator entry subsystem for POWER/VS and developed password protection and shared access for DOS/VS libraries.

Interfaced with IBM and software vendors. Supervised six programmer/analysts. Conducted performance evaluations. Taught classes on programming techniques, etc. Enforced standards for programming.




References provided upon request.





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