Basic Price List for a "Video Montage" or Memorial Video.

A Video Montage or Memorial Video is defined as:

A "slide show" type sequence of still photos on video with background music.

Basic charge is $5 per photo (minimum 20 photos).

This includes scanning and conversion to video.

If your photos are already digital or pre-scanned to disk, subtract $1 per photo.

All shots will be the same length unless you specify otherwise.

Photos will be (intelligently) cropped to fit the video screen.

Vertical-format pictures can optionally be shown with black or colored margins on the sides. Specify in advance if you want this.

Music will be extracted from CDs, tapes or LPs provided by you. You make the selections.

Price includes one DVD copy of the final "movie".

Extra copies are $10 each.

Price includes two titles (specify what you want it to say, color, etc.)

Additional titles are $5 each.


Motion zoom or pan, $5 per photo.

Special transitions, such as 3-D effects, ripples, flyaways, etc., $10 per transition.

Ordinary dissolves are no charge.

Synchronize slides to sound beat: depends on complexity.

Voice-overs (you provide voice on tape) $20 each cut.

Color-correction, retouching, etc. $60/hr.

Inclusion of your home video clips: $10 per clip.

CD copy of all the scanned photos: $20

Digital (mini-DV) copy of program: $20

VHS tape copy of the video: $15.

Custom label on the DVD (photo, etc): $40/hour design + $5 per disk.

"On Location" shooting of video interviews, etc., $60/hr (2-hour minimum)

Use of recording studio to record your voice-over messages: $60/hr

Script writing, auditioning music, photo selection, scanning video tapes, etc.: $60/hr

Changes (once the program is finished) $60/hr


Prices are subject to change.

Call for a free consultation.


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