(Toddboggan Rescue Litter)


Rescue Litter

Toddboggan Mfg. Co.
Las Vegas, NV 89118

Light as a feather, this RESCUE LITTER will make your job easier. Crafted from welded steel tubing, heavy gauge wire mesh, and all-weather nylon straps, our rescue litter can stay with your patient from mountain top to emergency room. Equipped with our easy to operate CAM LOCK assembly, the Toddboggan rescue litter is stackable to optimize your work area.

Toddboggan's rescue litter design has proven itself again and again. In all linds of rescue sitrations, in all kinds of weather, TODDBOGGAN has passed the test.

Note:  Toddboggan Mfg. Co. is no longer in operation.  The prices shown are those that were in effect in 2000.  These parts are no longer available.  Information here is for historical interest only.

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We also manufacture the Toddboggan First-Aid Toboggan